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1004.2A Use of George Daily Community Auditorium


Series 1000


Administrative Regulation Title:  Use of George Daily Community Auditorium                                                                                                                       Code No.  1004.2A


  1. General Provisions
  1. The George Daily Community Auditorium is available for rental by all individuals, groups and organizations except those excluded under Iowa Code Section 297.11.
  2. A fee structure for rental of the facilities is established because tax money cannot be used to support non-school groups and to provide for the operations of the facility.
  3. Rental fee amounts will be calculated based on the following considerations:
    1. Facility Rental based on the cost of the structure and comparative rental amounts charged by other Auditoriums.
    2. Long Term Maintenance to provide for funding of major long term repairs such as roof replacement in 25 years.
    3. Utilities including electrical, gas and telephone.
    4. Equipment supervisor to be responsible for the sound, video, lighting and mechanical systems being used.
    5. Custodial services for custodian to be on duty during the rental period, for set-up if necessary and for clean-up.
    6. Insurance to be carried by the school.
  4. Food and beverage consumption will not be allowed only in the Community/Board Meeting Room, Black Box, and Shop areas of the building.
  5. Facility rental fees shall be:

Auditorium:  $50.00/day or 10% of ticket sales, whichever is greater.

Black Box:  $25.00/day up to a maximum of $75/wk. or 10% of ticket sales (performances in the Black Box), whichever is greater.

Community/Board Meeting Room:  (To be determined by the school).

In addition to the above rental fees the following fees apply:

Maintenance:  $1.00/hr.

Utilities:  $2.00/hr.

Equipment Supervisor:  $20.00/hr. (may substitute G.D.C.A. Technical Crew members @ $7.00/hr./crew member.

Custodian:  $16.00/hr.

Insurance:  $1.00/day

  1. Damages to structure, equipment or furnishings:

Individuals, groups and organizations that rent or use the Auditorium, Black Box or Community Meeting/Board Room will be held financially responsible for any and all damage caused to the structure, equipment or furnishings over and above what would be expected during normal use.

  1. Unsafe Operation of Engines and Equipment:

Individuals, groups and organizations that rent or use the Auditorium, Black Box or Community Meeting/Board Room shall not operate internal combustion engines or any of other equipment that may be considered hazardous inside any part of the facility.


Approved:  April 13, 2004

Reviewed:  November 13, 2012