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502 Student Rights and Responsibilities


Series 500


Policy Title:  Student Rights and Responsibilities                                                                                                                                                                                 Code No.  502


The Board wishes to provide means insofar as possible for the solution of student-staff-Board relationship problems within the school structure.  The Board asks the Superintendent to establish regular channels of communication among the respective groups with lines of responsibility, roles, power and responsibilities clearly set forth so that the schools may benefit from constructive problem solving based upon contributions from each group.

Differences, disputes, conflict between students and staff are a civil, not a criminal, matter.  Such matters are non-adversary in nature, and as a result, constitutional provisions for the right to counsel, trail by jury, power to subpoena witnesses, and comparable safeguards do not necessarily apply.  Rather, the definition of procedural due process between student and staff should be in a clarification of the role of each, the holding of hearings within the framework of a teacher-student relationship, and an adequate opportunity for the student to express his side.

In order to assure a student of his/her constitutional rights and the protection of procedural due process of law, the student shall be given an opportunity for a hearing should he/she or parents desire to have one.  The hearing shall be held to allow the student to contest the facts which may lead to the exercise of disciplinary authority.


Approved:  September 26, 1972

Reviewed:  August 13, 2013

Revised:  March 25, 2003

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